Some benchmark networks are available here (236MB)

A First Comparison of Abstract Argumentation Reasoning-Tools

This experiment consists of the results presented in the paper in the proceedings of ECAI 2014:
Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Rossi, Francesco Santini: A First Comparison of Abstract Argumentation Reasoning-Tools. ECAI 2014: 969-970

We compare three different implementations of reasoning tools dedicated to Abstract Argumentation Frameworks. These systems are ASPARTIX, ConArg2, and Dung-O-Matic. They have been tested over three different models of randomly-generated graph models, corresponding to the Erdos-Renyi model, Kleinberg small-world model, and scale-free Barabasi model. This comparison is useful to study the behaviour of these reasoners over networks with different (also small-world) topologies, by also scaling the number of arguments to check the limits of today’s systems.

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